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About Me






 2nd December 2016

Regretfully, I am retiring eventually. So no new clients but those of you who know me are welcome to contact me by eMail or Phone.

Many thanks for your support over the years. This site will remain active for the next week.

I'm a family woman, married for over 30 years, now working as a Massage Therapist in Co. Leitrim. I have worked previously as a College Lecturer and School Teacher, in Health Education, as a Manager for a Charity, and have tried many other ways of living in between. I have a solid record of employment ever since having my second child in 1977 and been the breadwinner for the family during most of the period and continue to do so while my Hubby concentrates on family, home, and our environment.

Born in Cork, Ireland, my father was a school Principal and my mother ran a Book store as well as looking after the 5 of us. A happy childhood in Cork city with many trips to the sea and countryside of beautiful Co. Cork.

I studied Zoology and Microbiology in University College Cork graduating with a B.Sc Hons in Zoology. I then took an M.Sc. researching Reproduction and Embryology of the Crawfish (Palinurus vulgaris) before marrying and settling down on a smallholding in Co. Waterford with sheep, pigs and 2 daughters! After domestic bliss I returned to education, this time as a Lecturer.



College Lecturer: (1978 - 1983)
This started off as part time work but soon became a full time commitment. I was working in the Biology section of the Science Dept of Waterford Institute of Technology. Initially I was involved in the Certificate in Biology course, but soon became involved in Health Science (pre-nursing Anatomy Physiolgy and Biochemistry) Ecology Field studies, and Agricultural entomology.
2nd level TEACHING:  (as above)
The Waterford Institute of Technology had a sister college, the Central Technical School, which provided Technical type 2nd level education for high school and mature students seeking to do the Irish Leaving Certificate exam. These were often people who had left school early or who had dropped out of education and wanted to complete their studies. I taught Leaving Cert. Biology for these students (both class work and field studies) during the same period as I lectured in the WIT. I'm pleased to note we had a high success rate

HEALTH EDUCATION: (1983 - 1987)     See Stop Smoking page.
We moved back to Cork in 1983 and I took up a post as Community Health Education Officer in the Southern Health Board area. This project pioneered concepts in Health Education by bringing health awareness out of the HQ and into into the community. Also opened a One-Stop Shop for the general public (‘Working at Health’) where people could drop in for information, attend support group meetings, etc.

Following my 4 years in Community Health Education I became a Regional Manager with the Heart Foundation. This was both a fund raising and an educational job. We had to garner the support of the community in helping to try and bring down our high level of Heart Disease and in return provide education and services to that community. One of the highlights of this work was a sponsored walk I organised to North Karelia in east Finland (an area known for its work in Heart Disease prevention). This was a very successful and enjoyable project which I was very proud to propose, develop, and eventually lead.

In 1990 and 1991, I worked as an independent consultant in Health Promotion. This involved education in local communities, a Business Health Awareness programme, and support of local voluntary groups associated with health and fitness.



Following a gap year (and 1 last child) I returned to my Massage which I had studied many years previously, and which I have always enjoyed doing. I now started to work professionally as a Therapist specialising in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Indian Head Massage.
Massage has been good to me for the past 20 years and while the work is hard I enjoy the variety of clients and seeing the benefits Massage can so often produce. I believe this is the best 'job' I've ever had and plan to continue as long as people appreciate my work — and there is no sign of that waning yet! The elements of Massage that appeal to me are:
    It is totally drug free
    For certain conditions it is the best way to recovery.
    There is a great variety of work.
    I have a captive audience: talking can be a  great cure for stress too!
    Come for a massage, especially if you are in the Leitrim, Sligo or north Roscommon area!
    I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA).  For IMTA Website, see HERE